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Fiddlers Three Plus Two (c1986)

Fiddlers Three Plus Two (c1986)

01 Isle of Skye/McLaughlin's Scotch Measure/Scottish Legacy/Dean Brig
02 Hamilton House/Charlie Hunter/Pibroch of Bonnie Strathearn/Green Shades of Gask
03 Loch of the Rising Mist/Scarce o' Tatties/The Brown Haired Maid
04 Echoes of Oban/Cutty Sark
05 Sarah
06 Mrs MacLeod of Raasay/The Fairy Dance/The Mason's Apron/Soldier's Joy/Inver Lasses/Tail Toddle/Sandy Duff/The Kilt Is My Delight/The Drummer
07 Thistle Hornpipe/Vendome Hornpipe/The Landlubber
08 The Auld Alliance/Reginald MacDonald/Donald Blue/Dancing Feet
09 Gardebylatten
10 Camirsaveen/The Idle Road/Thady You Gander/Welcome to Cork
11 Major Graham of Inchbrakie/Ladlady of Inver Inn/Lady Charlotte Murray/Farewell to Whisky
12 Off to California/The Kildare Fancy/Morning Fair
13 Fitful Head/Galley Watch/Jack Lock the Prison Door/Da Forefit o' da Ship
14 Frank Thomson/Campbelltown Kiltie's Ball/The Wind That Shakes the Barley

The three fiddlers are Bob Christie, Gavin McIntyre and Hector McLeod, about whom I know nothing. The "Plus Two" are Lex Keith on accordion and Bill Hendry on piano. Keith seems to have been the musical director on this album, and he still performs with his band in Scottish Country Dance circles. This is a lively collection of tunes with a strong fiddle leading sound.


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  1. You have a wonderful collection here. Thank you for sharing, it is expanding my knowledge of some fine muscians.