Saturday, 20 November 2010

The Lowland Folk Four: Eh'll Tell the Boaby (1967)

The Lowland Folk Four: Eh'll Tell the Boaby (Waverley, 1967)

01 The Pear Tree
02 The Balaena
03 The Battle of Harlaw
04 Kilgannon Mountain
05 The Jute Mill Song
06 Cauld Kail In Aberdeen
07 Children's Street Songs
08 The Standard of the Braes o' Mar
09 When I Was New But Sweet Sixteen
10 The Spinner's Wedding
11 Mingulay Boat Song
12 The Seasons
13 The Tailor's Breeches

This group were stalwarts of the Dundee folk scene of the 1960s and 70s. Led by Stuart Brown, supplemented by his wife Anne and his brother Ramsay, with occasional fourth members through the years (the fiddler/mandolinist Allan Barty was one of the regular "fourth members"). The group recorded three LPs that I know about: this one from 1967, Time to be Singing Again from 1984, and This Is Lowland Folk from 1988. I think there may have been a CD, but I can't remember off-hand. They also featured on a compilation record from 1986, Coorse and Fine, a collection of Dundee songs released to coincide with Nigel Gatherer's book Songs and Ballads of Dundee.


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