Saturday, 20 November 2010

The Reivers: The Work of the Reivers (1959)

The Reivers: The Work of the Reivers (1959)

01 The Wark o' the Weavers
02 Balloo Baleery
03 Johnny Lad
04 The Wreck of the John B
05 The Wee Magic Stane (McAvoy)

The Reivers were formed in 1958 when three young singers, members of Norman Buchan's famous folksong club, got together to perform on Scottish Television's Jig Time programme. Enoch Kent later joined The Exiles and subsequently moved to Canada where he still sings Scots song. I don't know much about Rena Swankie, though I see someone mentioned on Mudcat that it was she who played guitar on Josh MacRae's hit Messing About on the River (1962). MacRae himself followed the producer and songwriter Tony Hatch (who wrote "River") to Pye Records and had a number of hits, somewhat contrary his earlier activities with the "Glasgow Eskimos" - a group of singers who were active in protesting the US nuclear presence in Scotland. MacRae killed himself in 1977. This EP dates from 1959.


Other recordings featuring Enoch Kent:
The Reivers: Govan Is a Busy Place (1960)
Various Artists: New Voices from Scotland (1965)
The Exiles: The Hale and the Hanged (1967)

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