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Seannachie: Within the Fire (1986)

Seannachie: Within the Fire (1986)

01 Mormond Braes
02 The Old Copperplate/The Harsh February
03 Crazy Man Michael
04 Julia Delaney/Cooley's Reel
05 Flowers o' the Forest
06 The Sound of Jura
07 Annachie Gordon
08 Turpin Hero/The Old Reel/Aida's Place/The Otter's Den
09 Though I Live Not Where I Love
10 The Midnight Reel/Raddigan's/McMahon's
11 Boys of Bedlam/Dougie's Rant

Seannachie had a long performing career and were one of those bands whose line-up was practically in constant change. Formed in the early 1980s by John Borland (bouzouki, cittern), Alex Yellowlees (fiddle), Martin McGarrity (flute, whistle, bodhran, vocals) and Gordon Irvine (guitar, mandolin, harmonium, whistle). They recorded their first album, Within the Fire in 1986, by which time the band consisted of Borland, Yellowlees, Jonathan Simmons (flute, whistles, bodhran), Penny Johnston (vocals) and Derek Harkins (guitar, tambourine). Two more albums followed, along with more personnel changes and European tours.


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