Thursday, 2 December 2010

The Wally Dugs: The Road to Dundee (1987)

The Wally Dugs: The Road to Dundee (1987)

01 The Road to Dundee
02 Freedom Come All Ye
03 Don't Say, Oh No!
04 Doon In the Wee Room
05 Mandy
06 Bonnie Glenshee
07 Jock o' Hazeldean
08 Skyscraper Weans
09 The Dream of Tommy Bouche
10 Wally Dug Tunes
11 The Man With the Golden Hair
12 Drumchapel Mist

The Wally Dugs were Pat Finnegan (guitar, banjo, vocals), George Getty (guitar, mandolin, whistle, bagpipe, vocals) and Neil McLeod (guitar, vocals) and were from Dundee. Apart from that, I know nothing about the group. They were extant in 1976/77 and I imagine they were a popular pub band in the area.


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